About Hipro
  • 2019

    Hipro(Shenzhen)Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. established, with Hipro(Taizhou) in China Medical City became the wings of Hipro HQ.

    Sep. of 2019, Hipro(Nanjing)Research Institute established, focus on the research about the reagents and the optical sensor.

  • 2018

    May of 2018,the wholly-owned subsidiary of Hipro Biotechnology GMBH established in Freiburg,Germany ,for R&D center of Micro-fluidics Products, and Marketing in EU.

  • 2017

    Feb. of 2017, Hipro’s products attended the Arab Health 2017 in Dubai.

    In April, Hipro lauched the international market start from India. In October, the Mumbai office was established.

    In May, the AAV laboratory was completed. 

    In July, Hipro and Shanghai Fosun joined forces to develop strategic cooperation on blood drug concentration projects.

  • 2016

    Oct of 2016, Hipro purchased 3.67 hectares in Taizhou China Medical City , started the foundation for the Jiangsu branch.

  • 2015

    Sep. of 2015, Hipro Biotech Guangzhou Marketing Center  established.

  • 2014

    Nov. of 2014 , Hipro passed the  inspection of  Quantum dot fluorescence test project , for pneumology.

  • 2013

    May of 2013, 1000 ㎡ new factory opened in Fangyi tech-park. 

    In September, registered capital increased to RMB 20 millions. 

    May of 2013, Hipro’s corporate capital increased to RMB 20 millions.

  • 2012

    May of 2012, Hipro’s corporate capital increased to RMB 5 millions.

    Hipro’s corporate capital increased to RMB 11 millions.

    First time, Hipro’s products attended the international exhibition - AACC USA.

  • 2011

    Mar.of 2011, Hipro completed the share restructuring and absorbed the government fund of Hebei Science and Technology Department to participate in the BOOT form. 

  • 2010

    May of 2010, Hipro’s corporate capital increased to RMB 5 millions.

  • 2009

    Aug.of 2009, Hipro merged Huayang Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd., Which has 10 years experience in chemiluminescence immunoassay equipment manufactural area.

  • 2008

    Jan. of 2008 , Hipro cooperated with RADIM SEAC of Italy to research on scattering turbidity technology. 

    Feb.of 2008, Hipro cooperated with Hygiena (USA) Corporation to produce ATP testing equipment for food security.

  • 2007

    June of 2007, Hipro cooperate with Cypress(USA), set up china base to produce diagnostic reagents & instruments. 

    June of 2007, Hipro’s corporate capital increased to RMB 1 millions.

  • 2006

    Sep. of 2006, Hipro established, registered capital in RMB 30,000.00.

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